The wildflowers of Philmont Scout Ranch

From July 16-27, 2017, my son and I, along with three other boy scouts and two other dads in Crew 716-J-02, backpacked 84 miles through Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimmarron, New Mexico. These wildflower images are from along the trail.


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Sharing first encounters

Last month, while my wife and I were visiting our friends Kylee (a fellow garden writer who blogs at Our Little Acre) and Romie Baumle in Ohio, we took a walk along the wild areas that border the agricultural fiends near their home. The heat was nothing compared to the heat wave the country is now experiencing, but the temperature approached 90°F and the humidity seemed to rise with each passing minute. Even though sweat began to saturate us just a short ways down the road, our 90 minute walk was a wonderful experience.

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How do you like my weeds?

When we arrived down at Lake Sara (in Effingham, IL) this afternoon to celebrate Mother’s Day with my in-laws, one of the first things I noticed were the bouquets that graced the living room. I love how my mother-in-law uses the wildflowers that bloom on their wooded lots to decorate the house during the spring and summer. Today, the bouquets were made up of ragwort (Senecio sp.), wild phlox (Phlox divaricata), and white blue-eyed grass (Sysirinchium albidium).

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