Starting the day with intention

When I was apartment hunting in 2014, east and west facing windows were high on the list of requirements. I need to clearly see the crack of dawn and end of light of each day. It’s an important time for me, rejuvenating and restorative. The morning light stirs my mind and spirit as I grind the beans for my morning coffee. These moments are an alignment of sorts where I decide what kind of day it’s going to be. Yes, the events of the day may collude to collide with that decision, but my intention prevails more often than not.

Skychasing | 12.31.17

It’s been a bright, frigid winter day, the kind where the frozen snow is noisy underfoot and your skin complains almost immediately when you step outside. I stopped near a local church while running a few errands before our New Year’s festivities to watch the final sunset of 2017. It was only fitting during a year where I spent countless evenings chasing its beauty along country roads.

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