Getting out of a negative rut

If we worry, creating more unease and anxiety, we become stellar worriers since our brain is responding, making it easier for us to worry each time we do it, thus creating our default mode living.

While I’m generally someone who finds silver linings in almost any bad predicament, I know I can get stuck in a negative rut (especially when it comes to our current politics!)

We all need a good rant when people and situations challenge us. The danger lives when these rants become our daily outlook.

Why we’re here

Last year, I planted a batch of red onions in the middle of our raised vegetable garden, but they were a complete failure as a crop. At the end of the season, I thought I’d ripped them all out of the soil. But this afternoon, I found one sprouting after surviving our long Illinois winter. Thoroughly impressed with its resiliency, I posted the photo to Facebook.

Soon afterward, I received a comment: “Thank you so much for the vicarious gardening. I’ve had some frustrating health issues the past several months, and your posts really do improve my outlook and make me feel like I am not missing everything. Many, many thanks.”

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