Throwing away the man card

Like many parents around the country, my head and heart have been ricocheting between helpless desperation and new-found resolve since the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. As the events of that day unfolded, I sat in utter shock. It was impossible to put myself in the place of those children, teachers and parents, as my mind simultaneously tried to imagine myself in and ran away from the images and stories.

Intellectually, I know that violence against innocents is a regular occurrence in places far away, rarely even a footnote on the nightly news ticker. What we felt in Newtown is a daily horror for many parents around the globe. But Newtown struck at our hearts because it was so close to home.

My entirety screamed for a solution. I wanted an end to this mindless violence, to know what we needed to do as a society (and as individuals) to stop these things from happening. I ran the mental gamut from gun control to mental health treatment to better security in our schools. I read argument after political argument over what our response should entail, trying to answer the question so many of us had: “What can we do?” Continue reading Throwing away the man card