Sharing our garden

I cannot begin to describe how much it means to me that K enjoys the gardens I’m creating for us. I love “seeing” it through her eyes as we walk around the beds and borders enjoying the blooms and dreaming about the future. Yesterday, she surprised me with a series of photos she’d taken — a chance to really see it as she does.

Growing native Lobelia

I’m growing native Lobelia (both the red L. cardinalis and blue L. silphitica) for the first time. I’ll admit that my aesthetic sense sometimes rails against the weedy appearance of the stems and foliage of many native prairie plants. The flowers, on the other hand, are right in my visual wheelhouse.

Skychasing | 07.10.19

In the last decade, I’ve slowly evolved into a morning person. The light of dawn wakes me before my alarm on most days. The first hours of each day are where I find a beautiful mix of peace and productivity, a time to reflect and prepare myself before the day starts rolling around me. Some days, like today, the world reminds me to reflect on its majesty.

Skychasing | 07.10.19

Adjusting to change

A few weeks ago, I transplanted four ostrich ferns from another garden to ours, and they promptly fell to the ground in a heap of botanical despair. I thought they were goners, so I cut them back to the crown. This week, they’ve all shot up new fronds and look renewed. Whenever we’re presented with a big change in our lives, it takes time to adjust, right? Guess it’s no different with plants.