Different world

Had one of those culture shock moments this morning. I was kidding with the kid this morning, and he was trying to give me a confused/frustrated look back…and then asks, “how do you make that face?” What face? I ask. So he pulls up an IM window and points to the “confused smile” emoticon in MSN.

Times have changed, haven’t they?

( On an aside, you can’t do that with your mouth :S )

American nirvana

With all the talk in the media about our impending economic recession, I’m seriously considering the start of my own personal recession. There are lot of places in my life that could use a little contraction. I’ve been threatening for a while to do something about the steady, yet stealthy, inflation of my waistline. The physical stuff in our house seems to replicate exponentially, despite the multiple cubic yards of trash that leave each week during our umpteenth attempt at a house purge. Even one of my pure passions — music — is on the verge of giga-burst as my 80GB iPod approaches its limit that once seemed infinite.

Perhaps I’ve reached American nirvana — a metaphysical state of imminent explosion where you’ve reached your personal limit as mind, body and environment approach too much.


The first moments of something new
Intoxicating, addictive to the core
Leaves me wanting more
I fill my soul with the purity of revelation
Devouring the innocence of introduction
Overdosing until its spirit is consumed
And I am left with a hollow memory

Austin in review

Finally an hour or so to recount the weekend happenings.

3am Friday morning
I wake up before my alarm, a normal pattern for me on “big” days. I never get good sleep when something exciting is on the horizon. Hop out of bed energized despite the short (3-4 hours) sleep. I’m out the door to the airport by 4:30am.

After slogging through the ice and snow to the airport, I’m pleased to find my flight still on schedule. Despite the general unease that comes when a plane needs to be deiced before takeoff, the flight is uneventful. Having a whole row to myself, I was able to write a few stanzas of a new song tentatively titled “Controls”….

Austin in review

The quest for friends

Why do I spend so much time trolling through Facebook search results, looking for a familiar face or name? It’s like I’m trying to create a patchwork canvas of a past that has slowly slipped into the jumbled fog of my mind. Has a social network truly become my link outside “the box” I call life? At times I feel like a crazy person walking up and down the virtual street crying “Do I know you?” or “Please talk to me, I just want to talk to somebody.”

I think I’m wired for virtual relationships….it’s the actual ones I’m struggling with.


Tonight was one of those moments that stick with you. After taking a short walk around the neighborhood after dark, the kid and I stretched out in the back of our pickup, gazing up at a surprisingly full starry sky. Which one of those stars was the sun to a race of beings we may never know? What do they look like? How do they communicate? You could just see the wheels turning and the excitement in his eyes.

I think the memories are there to be made, we just have to grab them and not let go.


Just started reading This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel Levitin. Although it’s hard to give a thumbs up or down after just a handful of pages, it’s certainly interesting so far. For what promises to be a “scientific” book, Levitin has an accessible writing style. I’m particularly interested in any insight into why my brain seems to be so wired to music. Ever since the advent of the iPod — which gave me pinpoint control over my musical environment — music in some form illustrates and enlivens my waking hours. It’s become hard to work in silence; although on the flip side, I now find it hard to fall asleep listening to music.