Growing caladium in the shade garden

Caladium make a wonderful accent plant in the shade garden. I love to nestle them in between hosta to provide a splash of red in the sea of green and white.

This year, I decided to try growing them from tubers, starting them indoors under grow lights in early spring. I bought two 24-packs with the hope of having them through our two shade gardens without having to pay retail for full plants.

Not sure I’ll go through the trouble of starting them in the future, as many of the tubers never broke dormancy. Only a handful grew enough to merit transplanting outdoors. In the end, for the number of plants that ended up in the garden, I’m not sure I saved any money and certainly didn’t save any time.

I’ll certainly continue to use Caladium to bring color to our gardens, but I’ll let someone else (aka a professional grower) get them started.