The old stalwarts of spring

It’s that time of year when we start to find out what’s coming back in the garden. Tufts of new growth pop out from the crowns of perennials as they break their dormancy. The usual suspects were up as I walked the garden this morning. Narcissus, Geum, Iris, and Sedum. They’re the ones I’d expect this early — the old stalwarts of spring with tough foliage that can stand dips below freezing.

I’ll patiently wait for the rest of the garden to emerge. Last season was a flurry of planting during the heat of the summer, followed by a wet, windy, and cold winter. There are a few plants, including a beautiful (and expensive) Pieris and some transplanted Hydrangea aborescens, that look suspiciously dead. I’ll hold my morbid prognosis for now and enjoy the early arrivals.

2 thoughts on “The old stalwarts of spring

  1. My plants are about the same stage as yours, and I also suspect there will be a lot of no-shows due to the severe winter. I was out yesterday late afternoon to inspect, but it’s still too early to tell if there’s life left in some of them….maybe they will come back from the roots. Of all the shrubs, only the stalwart lilacs are showing life so far…..


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