Paper and coffee, the old school way

I wake up early to have an intentional, unhurried start to my day. My first stop is the coffee maker. I’m not even sure that I like coffee anymore, but it’s how I start my day. The comfort of the cup in hand, the slow process of sipping its warmth.

Many days, I’ll have a mug in one hand and my phone in the other, catching up with my feeds. Recently, though, I’ve brought more old school into my mornings, giving my eyes a break from the tiny black mirror. I’ve subscribed to several publications in paper form.

The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Harvard Business Review.



Foreign Affairs.

These are all publications that provide a current view of the issues I face at work and in our nation. It’s my way of keeping up-to-date through a different medium. All of these publications have an online version — I’ll often save the digital version of an article I find salient — but there’s something about the paper copy that engages me more actively.

When I put my phone to the side, I can lose myself in learning without the rolling distractions of notification banners and badges or the temptation of what’s new in the news feed.

There’s something nostalgic about it, too. I can imagine my grandfather devouring the Sunday Times with each turn of the page. I know that someday, these paper copies will be a thing of the past. I’ll rue that day, because some things are just better old school.

Published by Christopher Tidrick

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