My voting litmus test in 2018

I was asked the other day what my strategy would be for voting this year. I’ve never been a straight party voter, but I’m tempted this time around.

My litmus test for a Republican candidate would be: “Do you support the policies and politics of the Trump administration?” If they don’t answer with real criticism of at least some of the more egregious practices and policies, I’d have to vote for their opponent. If they can’t differntiate themselves from the worst of this administration, they’re either in alignment with them or they’re not brave enough to publicly disagree.

I have friends (at least on Facebook 😁) who are local Republican politicians who I know as good people who care about their communities and who I’ve voted for in the past. But this election is different. This election is a statement, so if a candidate can’t join in the statement “the Trump way isn’t my way,” I can’t support them.

This election is about who we are. Nothing less.

Published by Christopher Tidrick

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