Oh, ash, we barely knew thee

I remember when I took my first walk around the garden the day of the home inspection. I stopped at the ash tree in the right of way, thinking, I bet that’s ‘Autumn Purple’, my favorite cultivar of Fraxinus americana. Even though the branches were bare in early spring, I could imagine the striking fall color — purple with yellow undersides.

I also knew it was only a matter of time before that voracious little bug, the emerald ash borer, would be carving its subway tunnels under the bark, depriving the tree of water and other nutrients.

When the leaves started falling from the crown of the tree in mid-summer, I knew its end was near. Today, the city issued the final verdict.

I think we’ll wait a week to make that call, so we can witness one last season of its fall glory before it goes the way of the chainsaw and chipper.