Skychasing | 02.18.18 Part 2

The universe put on quite the show today, from this morning’s glorious sunrise to a breathtaking end of day.

I picked up my son from a friend’s house to go shopping just as the sun began its descent over our town’s treeline, casting a hazy glow in the sky.

By the time we finished our errands, the horizon was glowing pink and orange. We jumped over to an undeveloped subdivision on the northwest side of town, appropriately named Clearview. Wings of skybluepink exploded out from the sun.

I texted K. Look outside!

I dropped my son back at his friend’s house and raced to find K, already out on the southwest corner of town, soaking in the beauty of the sunset, taking photos of her own.

I joined her on the side of a country road to watch the last glow simmering into dark. A white contrail sliced up towards a Cheshire moon as we leaned against her Jeep, her head on my shoulder, quietly breathing in the end of this glorious day.