Skychasing | 02.11.18

We woke this morning to a world encapsulated in ice thanks to 24-hours of on-and-off rain and sleet. I chiseled my car out from its frozen tomb and worked my way gingerly across town under a heavy overcast. I certainly didn’t see any potential for skychasing at days end. I couldn’t even see the sun, and icy country roads make for inhospitable conditions for my small car.

The clouds dispersed by mid-afternoon, though, and the sun melted the ice away from the roads. Wisps and puffs were strewn around the sky, with a few contrails slicing through. A bright yellow sun glistened off the frozen field grasses, corn stubble, and cattails that lined the swales — slowly dipping into a fiery glow below the horizon.

The universe put another majestic cap on the day, this time an unexpected, yet welcome,  beauty.