Recipe: Instant Pot Mediterranean chicken

It’s been a lazy, unscheduled Saturday at the end of a hectic week, perfect for some kitchen creativity. My mid-week grocery trip was more scattershot than tactical strike, so I didn’t have specific meals planned for the weekend. Tonight’s dinner would ad lib.

Chicken breast tenders (~1lb). Mushrooms (8 oz). That jar of Kalamata olives I’ve been staring at for weeks, salivating each time I open the pantry door. A jar of marinara and a can of crushed tomatoes. Sounds like a perfect Mediterranean-ish combo to throw in my Instant Pot.

I seared the tenders in olive oil and fresh garlic in a ceramic skillet, seasoning with generous amounts of black pepper, oregano, and basil. At the same time, I mixed the marinara and crushed tomatoes directly in the Instant Pot. When the chicken was browned on both sides, I moved it into the tomato mixture. Next, I quickly sauteed the and seasoned the sliced mushrooms in the sames skillet.

I transferred the mushrooms to the Instant Pot, added the olives (~2/3 cup), topped with more fresh garlic and stirred to combine and make sure everything was covered in the tomato sauce mixture.

I sealed the lid and set the Instant Pot to 20 minutes on the poultry setting (about 45-50 minutes actual cook time because of the pressurization process).

The chicken came out moist and tender, infused with the flavor of the garlic, tomatoes, and olives. I plated over a small bed of butter herb white rice. I made enough for lunch leftovers tomorrow and froze the excess sauce for use in a future pasta dish.

It got a thumbs up from my son (although he asked for brown rice next time). It’s definitely a recipe worth sharing, keeping, and making again.

MyFitnessPal nutrition estimate: Makes 5 servings | 440 calories, 16g fat, 49g carb, 25g protein per serving


#FoodIsLove. Creating it allows me to bring joy & health to those important to me, including myself. 


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