This isn’t about policy

What’s more important, what we achieve or how we achieve it? Do the ends justify the means?

Our country seems to have devolved into this be-right-at-all-costs mentality where civility, healthy discourse, and our founding principles have been compromised and discarded. Where are the truths that we hold as self-evident? Where are the rights we consider inalienable? Where are these things that formed the basis of our country?

I ask these questions because I can’t understand how anyone who holds sacred the principles of America can stand by idly while our president stomps on them and so many in leadership positions willingly participate or stand by in abject fear of the executive tweet. I can’t understand how average citizens look at our commander-in-chief and still give him full-throated support despite his ingrained and continuous stream of sexism, racism, and xenophobic actions devoid of a shred of empathy.

I sincerely hope that we can have more leaders like Senators Flake, McCain and Collins, members of the president’s own party who put the core principles of country first and stand in opposition to the president’s means.

I sincerely hope more average citizens are willing to say, “I want this policy, but I don’t support the way the president is trying to achieve it. This is not who we are.”

I sincerely hope that this is an aberration, a dip in our humanity, and that we can find our way out of this hate-filled morass. I’m afraid we’ve all become so isolated from each other in our echo-chambers of likeness that we no longer have a way of seeing our common humanity across difference. We are the divided states of America.

This isn’t about policy. Let’s debate policy all day. This is about the core values of America. Not just white America. Not just rich America. Not just male America. This is about the core values — those inalienable, self-evident things — that make us who we are.

We are the land of freedom and justice — for all. We are the land of opportunity — for all.

Brené Brown’s imperative resonates for me right now.

“It’s hard to hate up close. Move in.”

I know that an overwhelming majority of American’s still hold these truths as self-evident. We just have to start seeing them again — or learning for the first time to see them — in each other.

Published by Christopher Tidrick

Be real. Love always. Share beauty. Lead well. Learn more.

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