Standing against hate

I’ve seen a few thoughtful posts about how the number of white supremacists who are willing to publicly march carrying neo-Nazi and neo-Confederate symbols constitutes only a small fraction of our society. This is thankfully very true.

The true problem is that this number is growing and proudly emerging from what has been our dark, hidden underbelly for the last five decades. They are emboldened because they have an apologist in our president, a Congress that won’t stand up to the NRA, a Constitution from which they cherry pick protections, law enforcement that would never have the same patience for people of color, and millions of citizens who’ve bought into this Make America Great Again insanity.

America is already great. It’s time for us to stand up to this overt hate mongering, but also the apologists and enablers, and remind the world that we’re the most successful and largest multi-ethnic democracy in the history of this planet.

Published by Christopher Tidrick

Be real. Love always. Share beauty. Lead well. Learn more.

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