I can garden anywhere

With a few quick snips, I cut the tops off a few of the remaining healthy coleus plants in my balcony garden. My overwintered coleus won’t be the operation it’s been in past years, because I don’t have the room in my new apartment for a wall full of plant racks and lights. That doesn’t mean I can’t grow some of these easily-rooted plants on my kitchen windowsill.

When friends and followers learned that I’d be moving to an apartment, many of them exclaimed, “But what about your garden?” They were genuinely concerned about my well being (and perhaps, sanity) if I didn’t have my garden to ground me.

And you know what? I was concerned, too. What would I do without my daily dose of garden therapy?

But there’s one thing I’ve learned in the two months since moving.

I can garden anywhere.

On a windowsill.

On my balcony.

On my living room floor.

On my bedroom dresser.

As long as I have light, water, and — in most cases — a pot with some soil, I can garden anywhere.


Published by Christopher Tidrick

Be real. Love always. Share beauty. Lead well. Learn more.

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  1. What kind is the flower in the middle? Can you tell me more about it! Thank you!



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