My garden | 05.08.14









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Christopher Tidrick

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8 thoughts on “My garden | 05.08.14”

  1. are those bleeding hearts, the pink/white blooms? they're amazing. love the whole garden.
    Jennie Brooks


  2. Please tell me the name if the bush in the first photo! I have one in a corner of my side yard next to my dining room window. The scent is amazing.


  3. Lynn, that's Viburnum lantana 'Mohican'. It has a scent but it's not particularly strong. My suspicion about your shrub is that it's Viburnum carlesii, Korean spice viburnum. That one has a beautiful, strong sweet and spicy scent.


  4. YES! That's it! Thank you so very much! Information I've found says that it produces berries. I have yet to see any. But it does attract quite a few birds in the fall and winter.


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