My own snowy day

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A few inches of snow had fallen by the time we went to bed last night, but when I opened my eyes this morning, it was a cloudy memory hidden behind a singular lust for Saturday’s first cup of coffee. Our kittens, Gem and Tigerlily, scampered around my feet as I shuffled down the hallway from the bedroom towards the kitchen. Light shone through small gap in the curtains, too bright for my rise before dawn.

In a momentary trump over caffeine, my curiosity led me to the patio doors where parting the drapes revealed a wintry world, the kind of scene that must have moved Ezra Jack Keats to imagine his Peter’s neighborhood adventure in A Snowy Day. Several inches of heavy, peaceful snow lay in perfect piles on benches and railings, each branch a shadow as flakes muster along its length.


With a few polite chirps, Gem and T-Lil asked to go out in the gazebo to watch their first heavy snow continue to cover the backyard. Returning to the warm house after a few minutes, the girls took purchase at the top of their tower by the living room window and stared eagerly at this strange new world. I sat a few feet away, sipping a welcome cup of black coffee, a broad smile inspired by their wonder.

The snow stopped falling by midday, giving me the opportunity to get out with my camera. Though temperatures had risen as the day progressed, releasing much of the snow that earlier lined twig and limb, the garden retained its wintry magic.

Below are a few images from my own snowy day.

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  1. Beautiful shares from your garden Chris!



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