Blessings, rearranged


I smiled as I walked up to the drug store clerk earlier this week, placing a handful of items on the counter and greeting her with a simple, “Good morning. How are you today?”

She replied, smiling even more broadly than I was, “I’m blessed. Thank you.”

Her simple words have been bouncing around in my head ever since. How many times do I give a neutral or even negative answer when someone asks me how I’m doing? Far too often, a can’t complain or hanging in there slips off my tongue without consideration.

I thought of the store clerk this afternoon as I stood outside watching the sky swirl above me, feeling the energy of the fast-moving storm front that had already left permanent scars on communities to the west and would soon wreak havoc closer to home. She surely had endured her own storms that left her life rearranged, yet somehow full of blessings. Would there be people that will emerge today from tangled homes and among strewn possessions, feeling blessed?


Violent cells had passed north and south of us, sparing us damage. I walked through the garden after the storm passed, under crystal blue skies filled with amber sunlight, my thoughts with those not as unscathed. I watched as strong wind gusts continuously shuffled leaves across the lawn, simultaneously destroying one but creating another beautiful mosaic of yellow, brown and green at each pause.

I wondered for a moment if that was the secret to the store clerk’s positive outlook — the ability to always see blessings, rearranged.


Published by Christopher Tidrick

Be real. Love always. Share beauty. Lead well. Learn more.

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