Kale, coneflowers and creativity: The visual delight of Shawna Coronado’s garden


As many of you know, my front yard is currently going through a metamorphosis. I’ve removed about two-thirds of the lawn, soon to replace it with a mixed ornamental and edible garden. Growing edibles in the front yard is not a new concept, but it’s one that has taken a while for me to embrace. As a gardener, I’m more concerned with aesthetic than production. However, due to increasing shade, we no longer have the luxury of sticking the vegetable garden in an out-of-sight corner of the back yard.

IMG_9665My good friend and fellow garden writer Shawna Coronado has been singing the “grow front yard veggies” chorus in my ear ever since I first met her, but I’d never seen her garden in the middle of the growing season until last month. After getting the tour from Shawna herself, I slipped back out into the garden with my camera.

Shawna’s garden is a seamless blend of edible and ornamental. In full bloom (used loosely because much of the color and texture of the garden is foliage), her garden was precisely the inspiration I needed to quash my concerns about the possibility of a food garden being attractive. From front yard to back, in full view and up close, the garden is a visual delight.


When I visited, Shawna’s newest addition — an outdoor living room — was just about complete. I was humbled that she chose three of my photographs to hang above the fireplace. I’ve always believed that we should share our gardens with our fellow gardeners, through stories, pass-along plants or other sentimental tokens. It’s our way of gardening together, closing the distance between us.

In the month since my visit, I’ve broken ground on my new front yard garden with confidence, buoyed by the inspiration found among the kale, coneflowers and creativity of Shawna’s amazing garden.




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11 thoughts on “Kale, coneflowers and creativity: The visual delight of Shawna Coronado’s garden”

  1. Thank you so very much for featuring my garden on your blog Chris – it makes all that hard work worth it. ::grin::

    I am excited to see your garden and the progress with the front – show us all photos soon!!!!! 🙂

    Thank you again for the blogging love. It's so appreciated and I love that you're going “front lawn veggie” yourself!!



  2. thank you for these brilliant photos – they're showing Shawna's garden as i might see it and with an amount of detail she wouldn't think important enough to document… she lives with it all the time.
    She inspired you and your photos are inspiring me… our planting season is just beginning!


  3. Congratulations Chris! I am confidant that your front yard garden will soon be both productive and beautiful. I plan to continue to reduce my 3000SF turf, yet await comments from Allen. Kudos!


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