Cultivating fertile ground in mind, body and relationships


We were treated to a light New Year’s Eve snow yesterday, one that left a beautiful coating over the garden and a house full of smiles as we enjoyed a small family gathering for the holiday.

Our tradition, as with many other families, is to recite our resolutions for the new year. Last night, I said I was going to learn more in the new year. This morning, I choose to expand on that notion and focus not only on my mind, for that seems too narrow. I will focus on a personal trinity of goals: improving my mind, body and relationships with others. I will treat this trinity as fertile ground, to be cultivated and shown the utmost respect in 2013 — with a resolve that fills life with purpose and a lasting connection with the world.

Happy New Year to all of you! Please continue on for a wintry New Year’s Day walk through my garden.










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Christopher Tidrick

Be real. Love always. Share beauty. Lead well. Learn more.

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