Fighting the marching malaise of winter

Over the last few days, I’ve felt an army of malaise slowly marching up my spine. I’ve made good progress on some things around the house, but the incessant grey outside sapped my energy despite the still warm glow of a wonderful family Christmas. Even getting outdoors for a long hike yesterday did little to pique my motivation.

I woke early this morning, before dawn. I didn’t open the curtains in the living room; another grey morning was no temptation. Around seven, I noticed a glint of warmth where the curtain fell slightly open.

It was the sun, a stranger we haven’t seen for what seems an eternity — though in reality it’s only been a week or so. The forecast calls for snow later this afternoon and tomorrow to end 2012, but even a few hours of sunlight has done wonders for my outlook.

It’s far and away the coldest day of December, but all I noticed as I stepped outside was the reinvigorated saturation in the garden.






This likely isn’t the last gloomy stretch we’ll have this winter, so I’ll need a full arsenal to battle the winter blahs. I’ve decided to bring a continual supply of fresh cut flowers into our home all winter, but am always looking for new ideas.

How do you fight back against the marching malaise?

Published by Christopher Tidrick

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One Comment

  1. I do several things to keep me out of the winter blues…. On my shopping trips for household needs I make it a point to shop at stores that have an indoor houseplant sales area (like Lowe's or Prairie Gardens here in Champaign) and get some “green rejuvination”, or I visit the U of I Plant Conservatory and greenhouses. The second thing I do is I open up my photography website of my own greenspace/flower/agriculture photos and look through the galleries to remind me of the colorful beauty that is just around the corner!



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