Why you should save the forest

A couple of weeks ago, my son shared with me that he was writing an essay about the forest for his fourth grade class. I didn’t press him for details, but patiently waited for the final product. Tonight it came home, and I couldn’t be prouder of the results.

So proud, in fact, that I’m going to use a virtual refrigerator magnet to share it with all of you.

Here’s my son’s essay, titled “Why you should save the forest.”

Imagine a world with black clouds for a sky, no clean air, hardly and trees and millions of jobless people around the world. That’s what the world would be like without a forest. Without the forest there wouldn’t be as many animals, supplies and jobs that people need.

I think that it’s important to save the forest because of animals. Many animals live in the forest. Some live in trees and some on the ground. Animals support other animals. Pollinators pollinate plants that decomposers eat and turn into fertilizer which grows trees. Without the forest none of these organisms would be able to live. 

I think that it is important to save the forest because of the supplies that come from the forest. Forests have an enormous amount of materials humans need, such as firewood, fuel, timber, paper and nuts. People use these materials to construct homes, create warmth and provide a useful writing tool. Lots of inventions would not be possible without supplies from the forest.

I believe that it is important to protect the forest because of the jobs that have to do with the forest. Forests provide tons of jobs, such as tour guides, animal scientists, plant scientists, lumberjacks, carpenters and construction workers. The job that benefits from the forest the most is the USA Forest Service. Without the forest, that job wouldn’t exist! Millions of jobs are at stake if you destroy the forest.

Obviously the forest is important. Not only because of animals, supplies and jobs. But a load of other things, too. If there was no forest, then where would the world be today?

Published by Christopher Tidrick

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  1. You are raising that child right!



  2. Great points! Without a forest my husband would not be able to be a forester. I wouldn't be able to use my wood stove for heat and cooking. Good job!



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