First light of autumn

A frost advisory accompanied the first dawn of autumn this morning. The garden appears to have been spared any damage, although some of the tropical plants are looking a bit skeptical of the future.

It’s time to starting thinking of which plants I’ll bring inside to protect from our killing winter, and which will eventually succumb to the elements.

Many gardeners begin to lament the end of the growing season, but I love this time of year. There is something about autumn that stirs me and reinvigorates a love for the outdoors sapped and weakened by the heat of the summer.

It is a time when we watch our gardens go to sleep, not unlike how we as parents watch our young children drift into dreaming — a time to look back on what was and dream about what will be.

Autumn brings a crispness and clarity in the air like no other season. There is something about the color and tone of autumn that soothes us, like nature’s way of saying it’s not the end of growth, just a rest and rejuvenation.

Autumn is nature’s way of helping us smile through the end of another year of growing.

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Christopher Tidrick

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3 thoughts on “First light of autumn”

  1. Autumn is also my favorite season, partly for some reasons your shared, like how the air feels.

    None of my plants need, or can be brought inside, so maybe that's why I see autumn as a chance for aged foliage to return to the earth, and just enjoy autumn and winter until next spring hits the Portland, Oregon, area.

    For me, likely my enjoyment of hiking and photography affects much of my feel about autumn and plants in the landscaping. The cool wet weather sure revitalizes the mosses, and forests look incredible when it's cool and moist. So I let that be an extension of my own landscape for my needs.



  2. Fall is my first choice also. As much as I love all the colorful blooms in summer, I prefer the cool tones of fall and the riot of gem tones in the landscape. It's hard to compete with the scale of mother nature.


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