My garden | 07.08.12

The heat wave is over, at least for a few days. I woke up this morning to a comfortable 68F as I enjoyed breakfast and coffee in the gazebo without losing a few pounds in perspiration. After two weeks of extreme heat with many days in triple digits, I was determined to spend most of this beautiful Sunday in the garden.

What to do?

Well, the beds and borders were in serious need of mulching — a task I’d managed to ignore this spring. Normally, we have mulch delivered from our municipal landscape recycling center. Now that we’re so late in the season, the plants have covered much of the area we normally mulch so a large supply isn’t necessary. The garden simply needs a top dressing to spruce it up and help keep some moisture in and weeds suppressed.

I made a quick trip to our local farm supply store to buy 14 bags of cypress mulch, hoping that would be a good start to Project Mulch 2012. I was able to mulch the driveway border and much of the patio garden (with the help of my wife) just as a thunderstorm rolled into town. Although it didn’t amount to much (less than 1/4″), it was a welcome respite for the garden, and for us.

Once the skies cleared, I grabbed my camera to capture the freshly-showered landscape.















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