My seedy little secret

I’ve been blogging here at From the Soil for just over three years, sharing my gardening adventures with the world. This blog has been a conduit for me to meet countless other gardeners, many of whom have become my closest friends — people that I love and trust deeply. But even among my closest gardening friends, I’ve been keeping a secret — until now. In concert with Steve Bender (of Southern Living’s Grumpy Gardener blog) and Kylee Baumle (of Our Little Acre), I’m officially coming out of the garden shed and declaring that I hate fresh tomatoes.

I love tomato sauce, tomato soup, and tomato salsa. Ever since I was a small child harvesting tomatoes in my grandfather’s garden, I’ve loved the scent that working among tomato plants leaves on my hands. I think the first red blush on a ripening tomato is a thing of beauty. The taste of garden-fresh tomato sauce over pasta is one of my favorite meals. I’ll even eat a fresh tomato on a burger if its flavor is suffocated with ketchup, mayo and mustard.

But I hate the taste of a fresh tomato. There I said it, again. I feel liberated.

In the gardening world, proclaiming a distaste for fresh tomatoes is a bit like talking about the time that Uncle Joe was found wandering down the street, drunk, naked and speaking in tongues. Everyone has an Uncle Joe in their family, but no one dares speak of him in public. Normally, when I’m around a gardener who starts gushing about biting into a sun-warmed, vine-ripened tomato,  I simply nod and smile, quietly fighting the nausea creeping up the back of my throat as she describes the experience as the gates of heaven opening as the juice and seeds dribble down her chin.

But not anymore. I now know I’m not alone. Together with Kylee and Steve — my fellow ‘mater haters — I’ll no longer try to hide the ubiquitous tomatoes under a stray lettuce leaf in my salad bowl, ashamed to admit that I’m a gardener without the taste for tomatoes.

Who else shares this seedy little secret? Join us. We’ll share our lettuce.

Be sure to read Kylee’s ‘Please Don’t Make Me Eat Them‘ and Steve’s ‘Confessions of a Mater Hater‘.

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13 thoughts on “My seedy little secret”

  1. I share your secret. I enjoy growing tomatoes, but I can't stand them…..yecch! My husband eats them voraciously so I grow them for him. 🙂


  2. Go back in the shed.

    Fresh tomatoes are the bomb! I like them sliced with fresh cukes and mayo, I like them fresh off the plant, I like them in tomato sandwiches, I like them with salt sprinkled over them, I like them with avocado slices…

    Maybe you just need to try them a few other ways.


  3. Me too me too! I love ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and tomato soup, but recognizable tomatoes, fresh or cooked, are icky. I don't even like the smell. And don't get me started on the slimy blobs of seeds they leave behind when I pull them off my sandwiches. :p


  4. There is room for everyone's peculiar tastes in the gardening world. I love fresh tomatoes, but I say: How brave of you, coming out.


  5. I'm with you! And I also agree about the scent of the plants–I love the way the foliage smells! And they look so beautiful in the garden (at least until the end of the season when they look really scraggly). But eat them raw? Never! I'm happy to give them away and my friends and family and the food bank are happy to get them. Dale Carnegie wrote an entire book on how to win friends and influence people, but I can sum it up in six words: Grow tomatoes and give them away!


  6. there is nothing wrong with proclaiming your distaste for tomatoes. i don't like everything that grows in the garden either. but i do love me some tomatoes.


  7. Hi, I just came upon your blog while researching some wildflower identification for central NY where i live.

    First of all, I must say your garden is very impressive! I am doing a garden using recycled tires, it is working well! I admire the zen flow of your space!

    On to coming out of the garden… I also am a “mater dis-liker”. But i am not a fan of the word 'hate' 🙂

    and, i would at this point like to postulate that the wonderful apple has been maligned in our religious meme context. It was a TOMATO that caused original naughty, not an Apple. A dirty little conspiracy if you ask me! Peace and Love… CosmicRoy 🙂


  8. I used to hate fresh tomatoes as well (still can't eat them as a fruit), but I learnt to love them with meat, cheese and on onion and tomato sandwiches, oh also finely chopped in a salad, as long as the tomatoee taste are not overwhelming.

    I've always loved cooked tomatoes.

    My mom tried giving them to me (twice) when I was still a baby, she had to change clothes.

    I have two kids that absolutely love tomatoes, and can not get enough of them. I usually give my extra tomatoes to them.


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