Skychasing | 03.15.12

I sat on our back deck tonight, just home from a mid-semester conference with our son’s teacher. I planned to just sit and enjoy the last of the day’s light as I checked in with some friends online. As my wife finished preparing dinner, she brought my attention to the color that started to glow on the western horizon. She asked, “You going to grab your camera?” I replied that sometimes enjoying the beauty simply involves taking it in with my eyes instead of my camera lens. She gave me that look that says, “Are you sure?”

A few minutes later, camera in hand, I was out the front door and in my car heading out west of the interstate.

I watched through my lens as a beautiful day came to an end, illuminating the unknown tomorrow in the gathering storm clouds. Dusk may have shadowed what lay down the road past the horizon, but whatever the future holds, the beauty of this day is forever.

Published by Christopher Tidrick

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One Comment

  1. Beautiful! My favorite nature scenes are sunrises and sunsets. If I'm watching a beautiful one, it's very had not to grab my camera.



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