Valentine’s Day snow














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Christopher Tidrick

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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day snow”

  1. You make snow look beautiful! We got it here once, and even then we were confused (and our plants were confused), i admit I took the day off from work even though it wasnt the kind of snow that would stick around for a few hours. As much as everyone loves California, the frost we get is like those silent but deadly toots that come out of your toddler child- where you're like “What the heck just happened?!” We'll be green one day, and the next we'll be black or a pile of mush, and it leaves me sitting there with this confused look on my face like the wind just got knocked out of me saying “WHaaaa?! What happened?!”. Snow is so different, even if it kills a plant it is so magical, and so beautiful…. I'm so jealous!


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