Foliage with a flash

Dark clouds and occasional light rain have covered our part of the country for the entire day, making my normal rounds of garden photography next to impossible. So I took the opportunity to see what my new macro ring flash (Phoenix Smart Flash RF46C) would do in such terrible light conditions.

I shoot with a Canon Rebel XS, a camera with a great kit lens, but terrible on-board flash. If light conditions don’t allow me to shoot at 1/40s or faster (sans flash) outdoors, I generally don’t even bother. Today was my first attempt using the macro ring flash in low light conditions outdoors. I’ve used it as an indoor fill flash with good results, but not outdoors.

Here are a few of the foliage shots I took today.



You can certainly tell that its taken with a flash, but I’m pleased with the first-time outdoor results. The color is saturated and true and the details are crisp shooting between 1/80s and 1/160s at f/13.

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