The ultimate compliment

Many a day I’ve wavered and wondered whether this endeavor here at From the Soil is worth the effort I put into it, but just when I’ve been ready to pack up my keyboard, a comment from a reader will remind me why I do this. Plants inspire me and give me insight into a world that is often too complex for comprehension. This blog is my attempt to share that inspiration and insight, so my ultimate reward comes when others find their own inspiration and insight in my words and images.

This week, I was astounded when my friend Heather, who I’ve known since high school, sent me a message complimenting me on my flower photos and that she wanted my permission to use one as inspiration for a new tattoo. Completely flattered, I agreed without hesitation. She chose my photo of a Sun Parasol® Mandevilla flower resting on a Hosta leaf.

Tonight, Heather sent me a photo of the completed tattoo, which the artist added to her right shoulder blade.

I’m extremely impressed with the level of detail the artist was able to render, but truly moved by the fact that Heather found such beauty in the flower that she chose to add it as a piece of permanent jewelry on her body.

To me, it’s the ultimate compliment.

3 thoughts on “The ultimate compliment

  1. Well, that's a compliment that many people probably never had, lol! Your garden has been immortalized forever.

    Please don't stop writing your blog! I really enjoy it! Come and visit mine….I just posted about retaining walls that me and my husband built.


  2. That is just too cool for school, Chris! And don't you dare stop blogging. You challenge me and inspire me, in gardening, photography, and in writing. We're in this together.


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