Hemerocallis in 2011: Arrived late, stayed longer

As I walked through the garden tonight, I marked the end of this year’s Hemerocallis season. The last of the blooms have fallen away from their scapes and no buds remain. A season which arrived late with the first H. fulva flower on June 11 lasted 53 days until August 2. By comparison, the first daylily of 2010 bloomed on June 1 and the last on July 15. This year, the daylilies may have arrived late, but they lasted over a week longer.

I’ve shared the Hemerocallis season with you here, so it’s only fitting I mark the end of their time with this year’s final blooms.

H. ‘Kwanso’

H. ‘Pardon Me’


Unknown cultivar


H. ‘Lusty Lester’

Although the season is over, I’m already planning my new additions for next year’s garden. In fact, I should have five new varieties (‘Little Fat Dazzler’, ‘Gertrude Condon’, ‘Persian Pixie’, ‘Butterscotch Ruffle’ and Pixie Parasol’) coming in the mail this week from a fellow gardener in Texas, whose climate was just too harsh so he offered me the daylilies for the price of shipping. So perhaps Hemerocallis season is never over, after all.

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  1. My favorite is the “pardon me”. Such pretty colors.



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