The start of summer color in the landscape

Most of the bulbs are spent, their foliage starting to yellow and lay on the ground. The trees and shrubs which filled the senses with spring now grow lush and green, busy forming new foliage and fruit. It’s a transition time between spring and summer. As I walked through the garden earlier this evening, I noticed several plants that are on the verge of adding new color to the landscape.

Weigela ‘Red Prince’

Dahlia Dahlietta® ‘Tessy’


Baptisia ‘Solar Flare Prairie Blues’


Lonicera ciliosa (Western Trumpet Honeysuckle)


Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’


Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

Published by Christopher Tidrick

Be real. Love always. Share beauty. Lead well. Learn more.

One Comment

  1. Hi!
    Your Jackmanii looks great. A really good form! Do you have a picture of if,but when it have no leaves? I would like to see the structure behind it 🙂
    Greetings from Chile, Southamerica



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