Let the trials begin!

Earlier this year, I was chosen along with hundreds of other gardeners to be a part of the 2011 Wave Research Team. I’ve been eagerly waiting since Ball Horticulture began to ship new varieties of plants to warmer areas of the country. Illinois participants were scheduled to receive their trial plants the week of May 16, after the average frost-free date for this area.

My trial plants arrived on Wednesday, snugly packed in a shipping box and looking just slightly worn from their travels. Included were six each of Petunia Shock Wave® ‘Coral Crush’, Petunia Easy Wave® ‘Violet’, and Angelonia Serena® ‘Blue’ — all full-sun annuals. Only Easy Wave® ‘Violet’ is currently available on the consumer market.

Each plant was wrapped in an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and plantable pot. After one evening inside the house (due to sub 40F temps), I placed the trial plants in our screened gazebo to acclimate for a couple of days before planting.

I planted all three in the new border along our driveway. I placed Easy Wave® ‘Violet’ on the far northeast corner of the border, near the sidewalk. Shock Wave® ‘Coral Crush’ was planted between a Weigela ‘Red Prince’ and the edge of the driveway. The Angelonia went in between two Flower Carpet roses in front of an Aronia ‘Brilliantisima’.


Petunia Shockwave® ‘Coral Crush’
Petunia Shockwave® ‘Coral Crush’
Angelonia Serena® ‘Blue’
Angelonia Serena® ‘Blue’
Petunia Easy Wave® ‘Violet’
Petunia Easy Wave® ‘Violet’

I’ve decided to use these plants as bedding plants. I’ve been looking for new annuals to use as accents in the garden, rather than exclusively as container plants. If my memory serves correctly, this is the first time I’ve ever planted a petunia in the ground instead of a pot. I’m a bit worried the rabbits will have their way with these plants, so I’ve given them a good dose of Liquid Fence to keep the critters at bay.

Note: I am not receiving any compensation as a member of the 2011 Wave Research Team. In return for the trial plants, I have agreed to complete surveys about my experiences growing them.

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Christopher Tidrick

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3 thoughts on “Let the trials begin!”

  1. I wish they would've sent out some of the black ones that I've been drooling over online for like the past year.

    I'm not part of this project, but I got a box of other stuff that they send to “writers” and it has a couple of nice petunias in there.


  2. Everyone seems to be drooling over the black petunias. I've seen them in garden centers and in trial gardens, but not yet as part of an overall landscape or container garden. So far, I'm not crazy about them. I'm sure they'd be spectacular in the right combination, but on their own they don't do much for me.


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