Plant shopping — A cure for the rainy day blues

A cold front carrying rain, wind and sub 40 degree temps has descended on our little corner of the country, removing any hope I had of a pleasant day in the garden. So I decided to chase away some of the rainy day blues with a bit of plant shopping while my son and I were out running errands.

Our first stop was a sporting good store, where we purchased some needed gear for our respective Little League and recreational softball games tomorrow. Although a store full of sports equipment is pretty cool, it didn’t do much to quench my green soul.

Next, we hit one of the big box stores for groceries. This store just happened to have an attached garden center. What a fortunate occurrence! The wind-whipped rain made for quick run through the aisles of perennials, but I was able to find two double Columbine that I’ve been looking to add to my garden.

Aquilegia ‘Winky Double Red-White’ (Columbine)


Aquilegia ‘Winky Double Dark Blue-White’

With these two beauties in hand, the day was getting a lot better. But I still had the plant shopping bug in a bad way, so we headed to a nearby garden center to see what they had to offer. The aisles and greenhouses are overflowing with plants of all kinds, although nothing really jumped out at me. I’d decided to leave empty-handed until I noticed a bench full of Dahlietta® dahlias. If they weren’t $5 per plant, I’d have left with one of each variety, but I eventually settled on three that would look good together in a container.

Dahlia Dahlietta® ‘Tessy’


Dahlia Dahlietta® ‘Jenny’


Dahlia Dahlietta® ‘Rachel’

Upon our return home, I was feeling much more upbeat about the day, and even saw my rain-soaked, wind-swept garden in a different light.

Published by Christopher Tidrick

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  1. Just answered my own question. But 'Biedermeier' is a wide strain. I've never seen it with this double flower and picotee shading. Wish I knew exactly what it was. It's lovely. Update: just did a quick image search, and I think it might be another 'Winky' double red and white. The blue is wonderful, too.



  2. Thanks, Helen. I should know better than to trust a box-store plant tag. I think you're right on with the 'Winky Double Red-White' ID.



  3. I love dahlias and columbines!!!



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