Why we’re here

Last year, I planted a batch of red onions in the middle of our raised vegetable garden, but they were a complete failure as a crop. At the end of the season, I thought I’d ripped them all out of the soil. But this afternoon, I found one sprouting after surviving our long Illinois winter. Thoroughly impressed with its resiliency, I posted the photo to Facebook.

Soon afterward, I received a comment: “Thank you so much for the vicarious gardening. I’ve had some frustrating health issues the past several months, and your posts really do improve my outlook and make me feel like I am not missing everything. Many, many thanks.”

This comment arrived in the same week that several people have asked me about my reasons for blogging here at From the Soil, and each time I spoke of my passion for sharing my perspective on plants and the people that grow them. I’ve always felt that each of us has a unique and valuable view of the world that we should share with others. Sometimes we educate. Sometime we inspire. Sometimes we heal.

In the end, we share ourselves with others so that — in some way we could never imagine — we make their lives just a little bit better. It’s why we’re here.

Published by Christopher Tidrick

Be real. Love always. Share beauty. Lead well. Learn more.


  1. Glad you are here! Thanks for sharing all the wonder you find in the garden with us.



  2. Wow. I can't tell you what it means to me to have connected with you in such a simple, and yet deeply profound way. You so easily recognized the hope and healing your photographs and writing contained for me. The fact that you appreciate and celebrate that restores a great deal of the faith in the kindness of others that I admit I have recently lost sight of. Thank you again for sharing, and I look forward to enjoying your talented and engaging offerings.



  3. Looks like you get a second chance. I love onion plants!



  4. This writing is so simple and yet so profound. The one onion represents to me hope that never dies.
    Inspiring work with this blog in particular.
    The pictures From the soil are simply superb!
    All the Best!



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