Images from the Central Illinois Orchid Society Show

Phalaenopsis ‘Double Delight’

I had the pleasure of attending the Central Illinois Orchid Society (CIOS) show held today at the Champaign Public Library. I’ll be the first to admit my ignorance when it comes to orchids. To me, they’ve always been a plant that’s approachable only when I have my camera in hand. I’ve only recently ventured into houseplants, and orchids (deservedly or not) have a reputation of being finicky for all but the most dedicated of growers.

While I may never venture into growing these plants myself, I won’t pass the opportunity to enjoy their beauty. From the breathtaking to the alien, with a good number of delicious scents filling the air, I walked through the CIOS show today, fully enjoying the splendor. My words can’t possibly do them justice, so I’ll leave the communication to the images I captured.

Zygopetalum ‘Blue Blazes’




Ludisia discolor (Black Jewel Orchid)


Cymbidium ‘Hurrah’


Phragmipedium ‘Don Wimber’


Paphiopedilum spicerianum


Paphiopedilum callosum


Cymbidium Nagalex ‘Enzan’


Oncidium Mendenhall ‘Hildos’

I may have picked up enough orchid knowledge at the CIOS show to distinguish between Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium, but the nomenclature is still entirely confusing to me. I’ll need to do a great deal of research before I feel comfortable writing in more nuanced terms about this amazing plant family. Until then, I’ll just let them take my breath away.