A game of musical houseplants

Now that we’ve put away all the holiday decorations and taken down the Christmas tree, I’ve been able to move our houseplants back to their normal locations. Most of them had temporarily turned our bedroom into somewhat of a conservatory. I didn’t mind having so many plants in the bedroom, but it was a bit crowded in there. Plus, the living room looked extremely bare once the holidays had been boxed and stored.

Like I’ve written about before, I’m new to growing houseplants, despite being an outdoor gardener nearly all of my life. But spurred on by a consumer survey project by Costa Farms, our house is now teeming with houseplants. I honestly don’t know how we ever lived with out them, but I keep shuffling them around the house to find combinations and locations that not only please the eye, but also please the plants.

Post holidays, we’ve arranged the plants into three different combinations along with a few single specimens tucked into corners here and there.

Spathiphyllum ‘Milky Way’, Epipremnum pinnatum (Golden Pothos) and a large Dieffenbachia sit next to our entertainment center in the corner of the living room. This location gets a decent bit of indirect light throughout the day, but it’s certainly not bright. I like the way the different leaf sizes and variegation patterns complement each other, although I’m still looking for a more vertical element to balance the grouping.

Between one of the southern windows and the fireplace hearth, I’ve combined Cordyline ‘Red Sister’, another Spathiphyllum ‘Milkyway’, Sansiveria ‘Zeylanica’, and Philodendron ‘Brazil’. I like this grouping as well, although the leggy stems of the Cordyline seem to need something to fill them. I’m contemplating adding another vining houseplant to this container to grow up and around the stems.

In our bedroom window seat, I’ve combined the leftover holiday poinsettias (including the highly-variegated ‘Sonora White Glitter’) with Dracaena ‘Song of India’, Tradescantia zebrina (Wandering Jew), and Chlorophytum comosum (Spider Plant). The two hanging plants should soon be moved into our bathroom above the jacuzzi tub, as soon as I have time to build a shelf or hanging bracket for them.

I’m sure this won’t be the last round of musical houseplants that I play as I try to find the perfect place for each of the plants. I must also admit that I’m already thinking about options for adding new houseplants to my collection. Since the cold weather keeps me from planting outside, this new-found houseplant hobby gives me so many beautiful options to satisfy my new plant craving.

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