A breath of new life in the new year

During a celebration to ring in 2011, one of our close friends put his infant son in our bedroom to sleep while the festivities continued in other parts of the house. Upon exiting the bedroom, he commented to me, “You sure do have an overabundance of plants.” His comment made me realize just how much our home has changed since the introduction of nearly 20 houseplants over the past few months. This change is extremely evident in our bedroom — the sunniest room in the house — where many of the houseplants sit near the eastern and southern-facing windows.

The plants may seem like an overabundance to our friend, but these plants have brought a breath of new life to our home since their introduction. Today, I took advantage of a sunny day to photograph some of our new family members.

Araucaria heterophylla  (Norfolk Island Pine)


Dieffenbachia  (Dumb Cane)


Tradescantia zebrina (Wandering Jew)


Cordyline ‘Red Sister’ (Ti Plant)


Epipremnum pinnatum (Golden Pothos)


Spathiphyllum ‘Milkyway’ (Peace Lily)

3 thoughts on “A breath of new life in the new year

  1. this is a great post! I love your photos! I hope one day you will link into Fertilizer Fridays on my site and share them with some other great gardeners! I will be back often as I love your site!


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