Photo Giveaway: Share Your Holiday Plant Traditions

Each year, after the Christmas tree at my in-laws’ lake cottage is trimmed, we turn off the lights and my son and I slide in under the tree to gaze up through the tree at the lights. The criss-cross of branches backlit by the soft glow of the lights creates an almost magical view. It’s something that I enjoyed long before my son was born, but now it’s one of those traditions that make the holidays truly special.

As I lay beneath the tree this year — a year in which I’ve met so many wonderful plant lovers — I wondered what plant traditions others had during the holidays. I’d love to hear your stories of how plants are a part of your holiday traditions. Just leave a comment below. As a little extra incentive, I’ll randomly choose one commenter to receive a free 11×14 print from my photo collection. I’ll choose the recipient at 9am on Sunday morning (9am CST) on 12/19, so comment early!


4 thoughts on “Photo Giveaway: Share Your Holiday Plant Traditions

  1. lovely tradition…my mother-in-law gave me her prized Christmas cactus years ago when she realized I was a plant person…I have kept it in its pot watering it and giving it indirect light….it bloomed and bloomed many times until she passed away..then it started to look dreary and I was afraid it might also die….for my husbands sake and mine we could not let that happen….I put it outside in the warm late spring when there is no fear of frost and left it out until the first frost of autumn letting Mother Nature water as is now renewed and blooming beautifully this season…green and lush!! This is truly a Merry Christmas!!


  2. Every year during the holiday season, as we all know, things get busy, hectic, and crazy. Therefore, over the past 5 years, I have made it tradition to kill exactly one houseplant. Whether it be lack of watering for my prized orchid, neglect of our “Love Fern”, or death by mealy bugs to a friend's beloved bougainvillea, Death visits one of my little green friends. A sad Christmas tradition, alas, but a consistent one at least ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy holidays, and may your thumb be greener than mine! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. After Thanksgiving I bring in two amaryllis bulbs from their dormant dark spot in the garage. Soon a vibrant green sword tip peeks up out of the shoulders of each brown bulb. The Christmas season is marked by anxious checking and rechecking of the emerging status of each bulb… one is always ahead of the other, and we always forget which is which.. does the crimson one bloom first, or is it the candy striped one? These same bulbs have rebloomed for seasons, and it's fun to monitor the race between the two as they send up their stalks in the lead up to Christmas. And when the later one doesn't bloom until well into January, it just extends the Christmas season!


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