Gold leaf, nature’s way

For the last few days, the backyard has been a steady stream of gold falling from the 40-foot honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) whose rigid branches loom over our screened gazebo.
Each time the breeze puffs, hundreds of gold leaflets trickle down onto the roof, deck, patio and yard.
They fill every nook and cranny in the garden. This evening, I couldn’t see a single brick on the patio through the fine layer of gold leaves. For these few weeks, there’s no point in trying to keep the deck and patio clean, as the tree seems to drop a new layer with every broom sweep of the old. It’s best to sit back and enjoy how these leaves highlight the yellows in the rest of the landscape.
The edges of Hammamelis vernalis (Witch Hazel) bleed a rusty yellow towards the midrib and veins of the leaves.
Betula ‘Whitespire’ lights up the northwest corner of the back border, with yellow leaves contrasting with dark brown catkins and white bark.
The heart-shaped leaves of Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud) have begun to turn yellow this week as well. This is the first year seedpods have formed on this young redbud, adding to its visual texture.
Even some perennials have joined the gold parade, like the beautiful yellowing of this Hosta leaf. This hosta is so beautiful in the shade garden, I almost wish it was this color year-round.
Within a few weeks, all the yellows and golds will have faded to brown. Until then, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy Mother Nature’s version of a jewelry show.

2 thoughts on “Gold leaf, nature’s way

  1. How rich to have all that gold. There is a grove of 5 honeylocust trees sited in a traffic island near us, and the bright yellow against the black trunks is stunning right now, a real traffic stopper. Yours is beautiful.

    Love that golden hosta leaf photo!


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