Too much to resist

I swore I wouldn’t give in to their siren call. This was going to be the year. When I resisted that transient splash of color in the fall garden. When I satisfied myself with the auburn and brown of the fading garden. When I refused to pay top dollar for two more weeks of flowers.

But, to no avail, my will power failed again in 2010 as I fell victim to the garden quickie, the ubiquitous Dendranthema x grandiflora — better known as the Chrysanthemum. A local garden center that is going out of business had discounted four inch pots to 30% off retail, and I simply couldn’t resist.

While I know as a thirty-something (ok, almost 40 something) male, I’m not exactly the target demographic for mum growers, but with cultivar names like ‘Marsha Pink’ and ‘Theresa’, these tempting stars of fall were too much to resist for this garden guy.

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