Photo of the Day: Hamamelis vernalis

The Hamamelis vernalis (Vernal Witch Hazel) is a centerpiece of the back border in my garden. Not only does it signal the change from winter into spring with its rust-orange flowers, but it also is among the first foliage to change as autumn arrives. Its leaves will start to lose their dark green color as they morph into a beautiful golden yellow.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Hamamelis vernalis”

  1. Hi I found your blog a month ago and have been reading it ever since. Those leaves are beautiful! I'm not sure if that would work in our area (zone 4) and with the amount of shade we have but I'll add it to my “plants to look into” list. I love your photography and short but simple posts. Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks. Glad you're enjoying my blog.

    Don't think this particular Witch Hazel would do well in Zone 4. It's rated 5-8, but there may be other varieties of Witch Hazel that would do ok in Zone 4. Hope you can find one because they're phenomenal shrubs.


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