Anemone I could get to enjoy

I know it’s not a new plant on the gardening scene, but I don’t recall ever noticing hybrids of Anemone hupehensis (Japanese Anemone) available in garden centers or on display in gardens I’ve visited until this year. The more I see it, the more I want to grow it in my own garden.

Anenome ‘Pamina’ (at the U of I Plant Sciences Laboratory)

The flowers are uniquely beautiful, each taking its own curving shape. The texture of the petals (technically sepals) is remarkable, appearing to be made of a stiff, brushed silk. The tightly-clustered stamens form an undulating border around a circular grouping of pistils.

The flowers are held high above the mounded basal foliage on fuzzy stems that take on the same color as the back of the petals, which tend to be more velvety and darker-colored than the fronts.


Anenome ‘Splendens’ (at Lurie Garden in Chicago)

Several flower buds appear on each slender stem. That Anenome are known to make good cut flowers is not surprising as their petals are thick and stems sturdier than their slender appearance betrays.

Of the two cultivars of Anenome I’ve seen this summer, the one planted in partial shade (the recommended exposure for the plant) seemed more robust. It seems it would be an ideal perennial for the partially-exposed edges of my shade garden beneath the Red Maple (Acer rubrum) on the south side of the house.

If anyone has recommendations on cultivars, I’d appreciate knowing so I can go shopping this fall (or next spring) as an informed botanical consumer.

Published by Christopher Tidrick

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  1. I fell in love with Anemone tomentosa robustissima after seeing its elegance and sweet pink flowers at our local park, growing in deep shade. My neighbor also has one, growing in full sun. Of course I went out and got one and just put it in this year, in a sunny location near my patio wall. It is more tolerant of sun than other anemones, and seems to stay about 3 feet tall, not so huge as others.



  2. Thanks, Laurrie for the recommendation.



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