My garden | 06.15.10

When the skies opened up as I left work this evening, my prospects for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day looked soggy at best. Dark skies brought a torrential downpour that refracted the brightness of brake lights and traffic signals, but dulled the surrounding landscape. Luckily, there was a thirty minute pause in the rain showers that provided just enough light for a quick photo walk around the garden.

The garden is in the middle of its seasonal transition from spring to summer, where daylilies provide most of the perennial color in the garden. Today, three daylilies are blooming, with several more varieties promising to open in the next week.

Hemerocallis ‘Stella D’Oro’
Hemerocallis sp. (unknown)
Hemerocallis fulva (Common Orange Daylily)
Among the woodies and vines in bloom are two Hydrangea, two roses and a Clematis.
Rosa ‘Double Knock Out’
Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snow Queen’
Rosa ‘Home Run’
Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’
Clematis ‘Jackmanii’
Lonicera sp. (Honeysuckle)
During the perennial garden’s costume change into summer, annuals — both in the borders and containers — brighten the front porch, patio and deck, and the rest of the landscape.
Catharanthus roseus ‘Sun Devil Extreme F1 Orchid’ (Vinca)


Lantana sp.
Impatiens x hawkeri (New Guinea Impatiens)
Salvia ‘Jedi Grape’
Celosia ‘Flamingo Feather’
Melampodium ‘Showstar’
Asclepias curassavica ‘Silky Scarlet’ (Butterfly Weed)
Catharanthus roseus (Vinca)
Dianthus ‘Can Can Scarlet’ (Carnation)
Lobelia ‘Blue Moon’
There’s even some blooming going on in the vegetable garden — with the bell peppers and tomatoes full of buds and a few open flowers.
‘Roma’ Tomato
In the next week or so, a whole new host of plants will begin to bloom, including a few workhorse summer perennials and some container annuals.
Lobelia ‘Queen Victoria’ (Cardinal Flower)
Salvia ‘Victoria Blue’
Hosta sp. (several cultivars)
Leucanthemum superbum ‘Becky’ (Shasta Daisy)
Monarda didyma ‘Marshall’s Delight’ (Bee Balm)
Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower)

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One Comment

  1. Moody, wet, somber photos, beautifully done. They really set a quiet tone, except for the first one which looks like a car on fire!



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