The Most Indescribable Flower

The blue passionflower (Passiflora, maybe ‘Incense’?) that I rescused from our local garden center clearance pile has finally recovered from transplant shock, and is treating us to a beautiful bloom now nearly once a day. Many of them have been hidden in an amongst the foliage, but this morning I was able to get a clear photo of a freshly opened flower. It would be nearly impossible to adequately describe its unique form, so I will let this photo speak for itself.

So greatful to have a friend with a conservatory in which to overwinter this and my other tropical vines. We’ll hopefully be enjoying this Passiflora for many years to come.

Note (11/20/09): Thanks to Simon Eade for help in identifying this variety. The nursery tag said “blue passionflower”.

One thought on “The Most Indescribable Flower

  1. Hello Chris.
    Sorry, but I couldn't stop myself from saying that your picture isn't of Passiflora caerulea. Looks more like a paler version of the fancy new hybrid 'Whitchcraft' but I'm no expert. Sorry for interfering, I don't mind if you delete this comment. Simon


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