Window box on a shoestring budget

Made another stop at the garden center on the way back from other errands today to pick up a few plants to fill a window box on our back deck rail that, until yesterday, had been subsumed by our sweetautumn clematis. Like yesterday’s bargain of the passionflower, today I found six-inch pots of New Guinea Impatiens for just $2 each. (Although the tag said they were ‘Pretty N Pink’, I can’t find any information on this variety. Anyone heard of these?).

To round out the box, I also purchased two purple Calibrachoa ‘Cabaret’ and two Amazon Mist sedges (Carex ‘Amazon Mist’). Calibrachoa seems to be the new hot flower on the market this season, but the sedges are what really caught my eye. Their texture is almost eerily reminscient of coarse human hair. You can even “tease” it to give it volume. Very interesting stuff, and I love the way it provides a nice cascade off the front of a window box.

I think the total cost for the plants was $17. Not bad for what promises to give 2-3 months of bloom out our living room and gazebo windows. I’ll post more photos after the impatiens start to bloom.

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