Breaking ground

I’ve been contemplating the start of From the Soil for several years now, and have never gotten around to the first posting.

Why a garden blog?

First and foremost, I need a place to chronicle the history of our home landscape. Too often, I find myself wondering when we planted a tree, or how long certain spring bulbs have been in the ground. By using this space to write it all down, perhaps recollection won’t be as labored in the future.

But working in our yard is more than just the what, when and where of planting. It’s my primary way of keeping in touch with this rock we call home and a unique form of expression. On this ever-changing quarter acre canvas, the paint never dries. I can turn my attention away for a few hours or days, and it is never the same when I refocus. My capacity to mold the landscape in a combination of form, texture and color is balanced by nature’s own way of constantly creating new versions of itself.

Gardening is the only activity I enjoy where I don’t feel alone in the absence of others. Something about the smell of the earth makes me feel as one with everything. In the garden there is science and spirituality, reality and metaphor. In the garden, I am home.

For those who choose to follow along and dig in the dirt with me, I welcome you. If you’re ever in the area, I’ve got an extra set of gloves and a spade waiting.

Published by Christopher Tidrick

Be real. Love always. Share beauty. Lead well. Learn more.

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