Go see your grandmothers

One of the last places I’d expect to get a little tug of the heart strings is over at Deadspin.com, but a headline caught my eye as I was voting for Baby Mangini as the Sports Human of the Year. It was a link to an article titled If You Can, Everyone Go See Your Grandmothers, Right Now.

For some reason, this article brought me right back to my maternal grandmother — a great woman who I had a spectacular relationship with for most of my childhood and early adult years. I always felt like we had a special bond, ever since the time she spent caring for me when my mother recovered from hip surgery when I was an infant.

I still remember fondly hopping on the city bus down at the corner and doing a quick scan to see my grandmother’s smiling face; she’d get on near her house and I’d get on near mine. We’d take the bus downtown and spend the day shopping. Of course, she’s always slip some money in my pocket on the way there. Yes, for those of you who’ve referred to my ‘Martha’ ways, it’s likely my grandmother’s influence.

I always admired my grandmother’s steadfast nature, and one of my life’s major regrets is that I let family politics rob me of sharing her final decade. So, take the advice of the article, and, if you can, go see your grandmother, right now.