Ready or not, here I come

I sit here 15 minutes from my self-imposed weeknight bedtime, after a night of working on a web project I should have started long ago — a victim of short staffing and its relative quiet in a world very squeaky wheels. This project, along with many others, looms large on my immediate and long-term horizon. But I find myself wondering what my year will hold, good and bad.

If pressed to reveal my wondering, I’d admit the following things will occupy my thoughts and actions in the coming year (in no particular order of significance):

  • Developing better work habits and strategies to more efficiently and effectively turn out real products.
  • Digging deep within myself to find the “good father” — something that I know will require finding a way to subjugate an overarching selfishness that influences me far too often.
  • Following the new Obama administration with keen interest as it struggles to meet the challenges of a failing economy and a furthering intractability of conflict in the Middle East.
  • Surgically removing the time-wasting activities in my life so that I can spend more quality time with my family and friends while still meeting the real and unavoidable responsibilities in my life.
  • Focusing on being there for those priceless, irreplaceable friends without whom my life is unfulfilled.
  • Being serious about developing a healthy lifestyle — both physical and mental.
  • Engaging those around me in serious discussion about real issues, without regard for political correctness or stepped-on toes. A time has come when we can no longer ignore “big issues” and need to work together to find solutions.

And there we have it, I’m three minutes late for that appointment with my pillow. Good night, my friends.